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Thread: Help!!! medieval music with a difference....

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    Smile Help!!! medieval music with a difference....


    I need info on medieval dance or perhaps battle music, fast paced vocal and non vocal, most of all the latter, not the secular stuff or such, music with heart, racy style, i think the Dufay collective did some of this but not sure now.

    Many thanks for all and any help!


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    medievel music

    I know of one album by the Moody Blues called Days of Future Passed.
    Most of the album has medievel style music on it. Try it! It has on it
    Nights In White Satin with a poem recited after the song is over and the
    last of the music. This is a lovely piece by the Moody Blues. I know that
    you would have to get it on CD instead of records. The poem goes this way.
    "cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey, and yellow white. But we deside which is right. And which is
    an illision?"
    judy tooley

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    Well, I don't know so much about Medieval period, but this disc:

    of music by Tylman Susato performed by the New London Consort with Philip Pickett is fantastic. It's Renaissance, which is close. There are quite a few uptempo numbers on it, one entitled "La Battaille", that use a huge array of early music instruments played well in tune and with guts. There's a lot of percussion and great orchestration. Every time I play it it gives me goose bumps.

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