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Thread: Nadia's secret

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    Nadia's secret

    Listening to the songs of Nadia Boulanger tonight, I am wondering what happened. Yes, Lili died early in life and she was a promising composer (first female Prix de Rome, no?). Yes, there are emotions involved and much that I do not understand or could not appreciate as a man. But, why? why did Nadia stop composing, anything, after her sister's death, and devote her whole life to teaching music? Not any teacher, mind you. She exerted the most important influence on American classical music that one could ever imagine. No educator had more impact on U.S. classical music than Nadia Boulanger. Curious story. I wish I knew what happened.

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    Well, I guess Nadia Boulanger didn't want us to know. Why not? Who knows. Sorry, not very helpful, am I.

    I understand that she had a lot of difficulty being satisfied by her own work. Very high standards for herself, I guess. Maybe she felt too inferior a composer compared to her sister? Seems so ridiculous, but... well, what do I know.

    Maybe she felt she could do more by helping other composers?

    Brilliant and amazing woman. Must look up what exists of her works...
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