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Thread: Is classical music really better than popular music?

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    To the original question I would say "yes", if we're talking about Popular Music as the kind of music we hear on Top 40 radio. Most definitely.

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    Sure classical music is better-it tends to make one think,which alot of people do not want to do these days.

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    yes thought. This is what sepereates people from gorillas. (No offense to our fuzzy friends)
    "The purpose of art is not the momentary ejection of adrenaline but the gradual and lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity."- Glenn Gould

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    Who are we to judge? We like what we think is best, and what we think is best we like.

    I like both classical and some popular music. I see that a lot of popular music has very little merit, but some is great. From somebody who likes classical music of course it is better, but anyone who doesn't like it would hastily disagree!
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    I agree with Christine, Harnonkourt said "there's only two kinds of music, good or bad" and you could find both of these in pop or anywhere (mmmmmmmmmm, maybe including some classical music)

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    Ahahaha...Nikolaus Harnoncourt and his aphorisms...He also uses them in his ways of performing and no matter how people thinks he is he never cares and continues on the way he feels best.I respect the man a lot but he is sometimes ridiculously know-it-all.

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    Hi Kromme,

    WOW!!! You and I share the same opinion about Harnoncourt - he is a wonderful interpreter but at times I feel he goes overboard with his aphorisms.


    *If a man wants God to hear his prayer quickly, then before he prays for anything else, even his own soul, when he stands and stretches out his hands towards God, he must pray with all his heart for his enemies. Through this action God will hear everything that he asks* -Abba Zeno-

    *Protagoras: "Truth is subjective. What is true for you, and what is true for me, is true for me. Your opinion is true by virtue of its being your opinion."

    *Socrates: "My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you are in absolute error. Since this is my opinion, then according to your philosophy you must grant that it is true."

    "Improvisational Art":

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    Folk music is what people play locally for their own entertainment.
    However, folk music like Irish, Israelian,or even bluegrass can be
    classic. Take polkas for example; Strouse who wrote classics as
    Blue Danube and Roses From the South also wrote polkas and
    polkas are played in that part of Germany as folk music.
    judy tooley

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