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Thread: "You're So Cool" - Sheet Music?

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    "You're So Cool" - Sheet Music?

    I have been asked to play "You're So Cool" by Hans Zimmer (from "True Romance") at a wedding next year, and am daunted by the idea of transcribing the whole thing - does anyone know where I can buy the sheet music? Or has someone else got sheet music or midi I could borrow?
    I'd be really grateful for any help you can give me on this one.

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    Smile Have you found it yet??

    I saw your post that you were looking for "You're So Cool" sheet music.

    Now, I'm looking for one. I joined this symphony that they may consider to add this song to perform. This will be a good percussion song that all percussionist will enjoy.

    If you found the sheet music, I'd like to know where you found it so I can purchase.

    Please let me know.


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    Try: ; ( maybe..) ; ...
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    Hans Zimmer is the composer of this particular song. He was born in 1957, so its quite doubtful that any of his music will be in the public domain for at least a hundred years or so.

    If you can find a "midi" file of the song, you may be able to import it into a notation program. I have done this many times using NWC.

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