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Thread: To Prog or Not To Prog?

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    To Prog or Not To Prog?

    A friend of mine turned me on to a young band called The Last Archer (, saying "I hear you like prog, you should check these guys out." Sure enough, all the signs were there: technical musicianship, screwing with timing, stops in odd places, and the like. Their song "The View" has some fabulous stuff in it. However, the myspace page had no mention of a story in the lyrics of their CD. Does a band need to have a story to be prog? Or is that just a misconception of mine?

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    The latter.

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    Definitely the latter. Of course, some of the greatest prog bands use this. Magma, of course, being the primary one.

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    prog bands do not neccessarily have to have a story.. as long as their stuff sounds good and they can build a legitimate fan base, it counts.

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