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Thread: Welcome (Info about this website for guests and new members)

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    Welcome (Info about this website for guests and new members)

    Welcome to Magle International Music Forums ( This is an internet community open to discussions of all musical - as well as many other - topics with special sections devoted to classical music, film scores and soundtracks, pipe organs and organ music, electronica, progressive rock, jazz and crossovers between different genre - so called "crossover" music.

    We hope you will enjoy reading the many topics (threads) and participate with your own knowledge, artistic creations, opinions and questions. In order to post and start a new thread or reply to existing ones you have to register a user name: Click here to join and become a member of Magle International Music Forums. It's completely free and only requires a working email-address in order to activate your account (your email address will NEVER be given away or shown in public).

    Where to begin? (A few suggestions to new members):

    • When you have registered a new user name and logged in, feel free to write a post introducing yourself to the other members of this community in the New Members Forum
    • As a member you can access the "Area 51" Forum - a members only section with many internal discussions, high quality downloads exclusive to members and more
    • You can upload files (pictures, music, video etc.) of up to 8 MB with your posts. Click here for more information.
    • If you are wondering about the title system (the "rank" displayed below your user name) please read this thread.

    If you have any problems, questions, suggestions or otherwise need help you are always welcome to contact us

    Welcome aboard!

    Frederik Magle
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