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    New today...


    This forum seemed really insightful, so I decided to join. I am really interested in "picking your brains." I have a musical score that I just recently "re-heard" after a few years and cannot place the original documentary or movie that I heard this score in, so I can't track down the name of the piece. I have searched and searched, but up to this point have been unsuccessful. Here is my dilemma: I heard part of this score from some "hold music" and have it taped on a small analog recorder. Then I saved it to my computer as an AVI. This 29 second clip created a large file (about 30 MBs) which was too big to upload to the site. Anyway, I unfortunately do not have any compression software to minimize the size. Any suggestions?



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    Hi SRokay08

    Welcome to Magle Forums.

    There are some file compression ideas on this Cnet site that may be of help
    If you were able to "zip" the 'avi' file, it might get it down in size to the forum 10MB limitation.

    There are also many free (?) sites that offer uploading services - some I checked also allow "AVI" format up to 50MB at a time. The (?) after "free" was deliberate ... many of the sites state "free" only to find out that the membership is free, but if one wants to upload a monthly fee is sometimes required.

    Hope this helps a little ...
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi CS!

    Hope your problem is solved; keep us posted...
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    Mystery Clip...

    Thank you for the tips KH. I think I have the clip ready to go and plan to upload it to the "Movies & Film Music" forum.

    Thanks again!


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    Hi CS,

    Welcome aboard the Starship MIMF where everyone is a star. Please do make yourself feel right at home.


    Corno Dolce
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