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Thread: U2 fans...?

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    Question U2 fans...?

    Anyone diggs the lads from Ireland?

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    I love 'em! Hi lastmanstanding..this is Emily...

    If you like U2, then you have got to read this book on them...U2 by U2. It's an autobiography and one helluva bio it is!

    Which band member's your favorite?

    Bono's awesome...!

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    I really liked "In the name of love" - after that, I lost interest in the group.
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    Yup. Have a bit of a soft spot for them, although I haven't really been following them. Fav songs-

    I Will Follow
    Two Hearts Beat as One
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    New Year's Day
    Pride (In the Name of Love)
    With or Without You

    And my very favourite song by U2:

    Beautiful Day
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    Not bad – I have the greatest hits and enjoy that. I heard them live at Live 8, but frankly I thought that they were disappointing.

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    Ohh yes . I love these guys.. One of the best bands ever, my list is : Deep Purple,Pink Floyd,Creedence,U2,Beatles...

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    I love them...One and Staring At The Sun are my favourites...

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    They're one of those bands that have been very consistant but have never topped the first album. I have a great deal of respect for the guys though.

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    John Watt^

    Child in time is maybe the first song i really loved in my life, because by my 15, i discovered deep purple. along with serge gainsbourg's reggae recordings, bob marley and cypress hill, all in the same place. the friend and his brother i squatted regularly did smoked quite a bit. from their high story, providing us a great view over the projects but also of the near-by graveyard and the Vincennes Zoo far away, we could sing and shout as long as their parents were not there. we were really bourgeois in behaviour, though our everyday life was that of any suburban kid. in France a suburb is not what it is in the US. kings of one or two-hour-worlds, we played 8 bit cartridge video games and listened to ian paice doing his thing at the end of flight of the rat. by the way, the middle section of this track is really funky. Ian gillan did something nice with his high pitched voice.

    i've learned some years after that this song was a re-work of Bombay Calling, and when i saw gillan perform live on vhs, i found him pushy, when not ridiculous.

    once a friend lent me U2's "achtung baby". i didn't like it. i like "i still haven't found what i'm looking for", i even sang it in Ireland once, but i'm not in love with this kind of music.

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    Yep, U2 is a great band!
    I like em very much! Totally like With or without you, and also One, Pride, and Beautiful day.
    Good old rock!

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