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Thread: O Fortuna vs Excalibur

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    O Fortuna vs Excalibur

    I"m looking for a song score lyrics for Trevor Jones version of O Fortuna in the 1981 movie Excalibur. There are several original versions but none containing the chorus lyrics from the movie. When you listen to both they are decided different. The original being latin old german base and the movie version is like something from American 1860s. I think I remember reading something about it being the theme song to the second coming with Abraham Lincoln in mind.

    Anyway, if any of you movie/music buffs know where I can get the lyric breakdown I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    I really have not idea. Sorry
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    Now there's a challenging question. I hope someone on this forum knows the answer, and I'll also take a look around and see if can find out something. In any case I just listened to the "Siege of Camylarde" track on the soundtrack album, and that is definitely the latin text being sung, but I guess it's another version featured in the film then.

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    Interesting question. I've seen the movie many times and never noticed any english lyrics for O Fortuna. The soundtrack album also gives no indication of other versions.

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    I guess you have raised quite a question! Now we all want to know
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    Hey, I never noticed this.
    Who has the answer?
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    I always chance upon it at my music at my blog.
    Try to listen at (the red box at the right side that says which is set to classical genre. There are just quite a few so O Fortuna always come out about 5x the whole day. Couldn't understand the lyrics, though. But it's listening magnet is great!

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    O Fortuna
    velut luna
    statu variabilis,
    semper crescis
    aut decrescis;
    vita detestabilis
    nunc obdurat
    et tunc curat
    ludo mentis aciem,
    dissolvit ut glaciem.

    Sors immanis
    et inanis,
    rota tu volubilis,
    status malus,
    vana salus
    semper dissolubilis,
    et velata
    michi quoque niteris;
    nunc per ludum
    dorsum nudum
    fero tui sceleris.

    Sors salutis
    et virtutis
    michi nunc contraria,
    est affectus
    et defectus
    semper in angaria.
    Hac in hora
    sine mora
    corde pulsum tangite;
    quod per sortem
    sternit fortem,
    mecum omnes plangite!


    O Fortune,
    like the moon
    you are constantly changing,
    ever waxing
    and waning;
    hateful life
    first oppresses
    and then soothes
    as fancy takes it;
    and power
    it melts them like ice.

    Fate - monstrous
    and empty,
    you whirling wheel,
    you are malevolent,
    well-being is vain
    and always fades to nothing,
    and veiled
    you plague me too;
    now through the game
    I bring my bare back
    to your villainy.

    Fate is against me
    in health
    and virtue,
    driven on
    and weighted down,
    always enslaved.
    So at this hour
    without delay
    pluck the vibrating strings;
    since Fate
    strikes down the strong man,
    everyone weep with me!

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