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Thread: Ordering from Frederik's Store on USA $

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    Question Ordering from Frederik's Store on USA $

    Question for Sir Frederik or the forum host: I just glanced at the new store for downloading some of this wonderful music and it's payable in Euros.....can those of us in the U.S. use our credit cards here? If so, is .99 Euros about $2.00? Is it going to take me into PayPal?
    Susanne in Eugene, Oregon
    Oregon, USA

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    Hi Susanne,

    You should indeed be able to order the downloads from anywhere in the world as long as you have either a VISA or a Mastercard. The convertion between Euro and dollar should happen automatically, currently .99€ is approx. 1.49 US$. The system does not use PayPal.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems, please

    Best regards,

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