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Thread: Where is "New Age" music going today?

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    Antiquarian has really described New Age and New Wave as only an antiquarian could,
    there's one defining technology Antiquarian didn't mention, that defined this era,
    at least in North America. And that's the change from cassettes to CDs.
    When Antiquarian types "any market that distances itself from it's core constituency",
    that describes corporations looking for "new" artists to go along with this new CD product.
    However, Antiquarian is using an elevated language and concept, "core constituency",
    when it's known over here as "existing contracts" or "previous contracts".
    It's always your choice, especially if you already sold a lot.
    You can be not existing any more, or you can not have a contract any more.
    You decide.

    You can weaponize your world. You can make your demands.
    The Watt Clan stands.
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