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Thread: Song from the Labyrynth - STING & Edin Karamazov perform John Downland

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    Song from the Labyrynth - STING & Edin Karamazov perform John Downland

    Hello guys,

    not sure whether you have already discussed this work here...

    The Songs From The Labyrynth is a rendition of songs and instrumental pieces of a renaissance English composer John Dowland, made by Sting and a lute player from Bosnia Edin Karamasov.

    The music, performance and production are , to my taste, amazing. The original set includes a CD with a live-recording, taken at the concert which Sting and Edin gave in a church for a relatively small audience.

    On a DVD, the pieces are presented as videoclips, both live taken and studio produced. There is also a number of intermissions in which Sting and Edin discuss the music , life circumstances of Dowland, political background in the Elisabethan times etc. with their special guests.

    I have tried to find out something in YouTube to place it here - sorry could not find any original videos. This is a video row made by somebody, with a track "Can She Excuse My Wrongs" from this album. If you like the music, I would definitely advice you to get the whole album.

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