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Thread: Kosmos ordering problem ... cdklassisk

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    Angry Kosmos ordering problem ... cdklassisk

    [Regulator edit: Copied from Community Center Forum area]

    Warning to all who use PayPal, especially if you're in the United States trying to order one of Frederik's CDs from Denmark: you will probably not see the CD and lose your money in the process. Example: I tried to order Kosmos from the only place I could find, and after 6 months and re-ordering twice, with numerous emails to the owner, petitions to PayPal for refund, and eventually no satisfaction with either of them, I'm out the money for the CD. I'm so thankful Frederik makes some of his music available here in his website and store!
    When petitioning to PayPal they tell you to wait another length of time just to make sure the item has enough time to ship, and to contact the store-which as I said above, I did. I did not have the patience to keep following this up after 6 months and gave up.
    I will never order from again nor use PayPal-EVER!. The last time I wrote the store trying to get a response and threatened to write a bad review of the store in this forum, Peter Olufsen, the owner of the CD store, finally wrote back and said in Feb08 that "more than 20% of their orders to the U.S. never get there" and that he would send out another copy "today." Still haven't seen it (since Feb.) Well, hard to believe I just happened to be one of the 20 percent! does not require the amount of "paperwork" PayPal requires to make a claim.
    REQUEST TO FREDERIK: could you make all your albums available through, or through your own online store? I'm still trying to find Kosmos. Susan
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