Saxophonist David Jackson (ex-Van Der Graaf Generator) flew to Greece on October 2007 in order to participate to Stelios Romaliadis' album "Distress Signal Code". The album will be released through Musea Records on September 2008 under the name of Lüüp.

"Distress Signal Code" album is based on ambient soundscapes with progressive rock and folk influences based on flute loops (Frippertronics with flute). It features many acclaimed musicians such as Lisa Isaksson (Piu), Akis Boyatzis (Sigmatropic), Eleni Adamopoulou (Magnitophono) and more.
Lüüp personnel:
- Stelios Romaliadis: flute, loops
- David Jackson: alto, tenor & soprano saxophones, flute, loops
- Lisa Isaksson: vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, glockenspiel
- Akis Boyatzis: vocals, bass guitar, electronics, keyboards
- Eleni Adamopoulou: vocals, keyboards

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