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Thread: Debut album from heavy prog band The Divine Baze Orchestra!

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    Debut album from heavy prog band The Divine Baze Orchestra!

    "Heavy prog rock, progressive jazzy and fuzzy rock with heavy organ, traditional 70's rock that firts with jazz, blues and funk" - There have been numerous ways of describing the music of The Divine Baze Orchestra. But there is only one way to know for sure - You must listen, yourself, to the band that crawled out of the swamp, from the depths of the swedish forrests to record the album "Once we were born". The album was released late December 2007 at Transubstans records.

    The DBO has been compared to such bands as Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Black Bonzo, Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and Rush.

    “A mix of retro and modern sounds. Matured and diversified”-

    “Knocks many of the major prog players out of the ring” – BC Music

    “Another proof that the sound of the progressive 70s did not ever end in Scandinavia”- Prog/Psych Music Reviews

    “Magnificent!!!”- Prog & Rock

    “Puts tears to your eyes… Will melt every listeners heart”- Metal District

    “Would make mister Gillan pale of jealousy”- Koid 9-65/

    “Absolutely awesome!”- Rock Report

    Listen at

    Cheers, thanks for a really nice forum!
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