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Thread: Help a newb

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    The closest thing I have for Shakesphere is the King James Bible.
    I can live with that one Krummhorn.
    judy tooley

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    Diane Bish...Blast From The Past

    Quote Originally Posted by methodistgirl View Post
    If you are at the organ and you are all alone with it, you could rock
    out on the big instrument pretending to be one of the organ greats
    like Virgil Fox or Diane Bish.
    judy tooley
    I used to listen to Diane Bish when she played at First Presbyterian in Fort Lauderdale. She was wonderful and that organ is an awesome instrument. Too bad that the pastor had gotten hateful with wild rants and ravings about saving the souls of the wayward gay couples. But, he no longer rants, at least not on earth. But Diane always inspired me to want to play better. I was even allowed to play "her" organ one Sunday after service...what an experience. I also used to watch her program, I think it was called Joy of Music, where she toured around the world performing on some of the great organs. Wish there were re-runs of that program.

    (Hint to preachers: keep politics out of church...hint to Bush: keep church out of state)

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    Hi panC!

    Here are a few more suggestions:

    César Franck (1822–1890), Pièce Héroïque
    Charles-Marie Widor (1844–1937), Toccata (from Symphony Nr. 5)
    Louis Vierne (1870–1937), Final (from Symphony Nr. 6)
    Charles Tournemire (1870–1939), Choral-Improvisation on Victimæ paschali
    Henry Mulet (1878–1967), Toccata on Tu es petra (from Esquisses byzantines)
    Marcel Dupré (1886–1971), Paraphrase sur le Te Deum

    ...and finally: the most bombastic of 'em all!

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