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Thread: Need music for Children's dance - a day at the beach

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    Need music for Children's dance - a day at the beach

    Hi everyone! I just stumbled across this site, and truly think that it may be the blessing I have been looking for!
    I am a dance teacher, and am currently in need of some music for what we call a 'demi-character' dance, which is like a ballet dance, but it is portraying a story. I have decided that these little girls are going to do a day at the beach, which means they come skipping in, lay in the sun, play in the sand, swim in the water.. etc.. but it is all done through mime and dance. I may potentially also then have them see a shark or something like that depending on the music.

    So basically I am searching for a piece of music to fit this, it needs to have the following:
    • Be Orchestral or Piano
    • Be quite cheery and upbeat, at least at the start, it may however have a dramatic turn as that makes it more interesting
    • The excerpt I will use will only be 1-2 minutes long, but I am very experienced in cutting or editing music so that we fit the time constrants
    • Also needs to be child friendly (in regards to maturity, time signature, and an easy to follow beat)
    I really dont know where to start at the moment
    So any suggestions will be great!!
    Thanks guys,

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    Greetings, Tessa

    Great that you have found us, and we welcome you to this great music forum site.
    I'm certain you will find the answers you are seeking as we have a diverse number of members who just may have experience in this genre.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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    Hi and welcome to you at the MIMF. The most inspirational and the best musically site for cornesseuers and other feinschmeckers, you´ll find on the internet.

    Have fun!!
    Best regards,

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