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Thread: Link to Magle International Music Forums, thanks :)

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    Link to Magle International Music Forums, thanks :)

    Please help spreading the word about Magle International Music Forums by linking to us! Your help is very much appreciated

    You can choose to use either the banner or a text link. The banner looks like this:

    The text link will look like this (your site's default color and font will be used, unless you specify otherwise):
    Magle International Music Forums


    To place the banner on your site (hosted here so it don't take bandwith from you) place the following code in your html:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Magle International Music Forums" height="60" width="468" border="0"></a>

    To place the text link on your site, enter the following code in the body of your html:

    <a href="">Magle International Music Forums></a>

    Of course feel free to add a description of the forum as you like and if you need any assistance in using the html code please contact us.

    Many kind regards
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