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Thread: Need a publisher for my songs!!!

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    Need a publisher for my songs!!!

    Hi everyone, I love writing songs and I have various songs of different genres....How do I get hold of producers to publish my songs and most important how do I approach them. I do need the contact details of many of them so that I can approach them at large. I know that this is not easy …but I do have confidence in my lyrics and know that they have a chance.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Man, on this way you can search for them all your life...
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    Hi dereka88,

    First item on the agenda is to get some "exposure" to your songs. Put out some samples of your music so that others can listen and give some helpful critiques before heading off to the publishers. We have lots of "ears" on this forum who will give most any new creation in music a listen or two.

    How one goes about finding a producer or publisher is beyond my knowledge. Hoping others with these kinds of experiences will chime in to give suggestions.

    The only other way to get information is to ask for it ... possibly email some random publishers/producers to see if they have and advice.
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    welcome you two.
    judy tooley

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    I guess go by the above mentioned suggestions - those are good ones. Compile a demo, which you can then distribute to people. How to look for publishers - I really dont know. Just ask around in music circles, look for some music forums (forums more specific to your genres), stuff like that.
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    go sleep with a record executive ... seems to work for many popular artists (tongue slightly in cheek)

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