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    Quote Originally Posted by Flute'n'Pedal View Post
    Krummhorn: What you suggest -- that Drummer get "pointers" from the local organist in exchange for giving supply services -- is out and out tax fraud. It puts both supply organists and organ teachers out of work, and it empties the government's coffers.
    What is the harm if someone gives another person some ideas and lets them have a little experience ... that is how I first began to play in church a long time ago ... the pastor's wife gave me some "pointers" and then the opportunity was presented for me to play in church ... she kept her job and another job was created. That didn't put anyone out of work, and it increased the government's tax coffers when that church was able to pay me a salary.

    We organists are already in very short supply - churches are screaming for organists all the time ... there aren't enough to go around as it is ... helping someone along the way might just help alleviate this critical shortage.

    Flute n' Pedal has presented a neat idea ... spreading out the lessons over a large time span may be a great alternative, too.
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    It may be true that the pastor's wife got you started, and that then you played in church for free. But you also say your parents payed a teacher who took the astronomical sum of $8 a lesson, and that the church created a real job for you.
    An exchange of services is fine if it's temporary -- I'd say, maximum six months. After that, money has to be involved, and of course taxes. Music is expensive, both with regard to lessons and to performance. If musicians don't pay and demand the normal wages, then they undercut each other. That means that the public gets used to lower costs, and eventually, to a lower quality. I'm afraid that has already happened in many churches.
    Drummer could combine two kinds of teaching: a student or retired organist who would weekly teach him the rudiments of music for a low fee, and then a highly qualified organist who would hear him only occasionally at the organ for a high fee.

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    I support Krummshorns advice here. That's the same deal I'm having right now. I get free organ lessons and in return my teacher has a back-up when he wants a vacation. And no there's no cheating involved, the church pays me for the work I do for it and tax is payed to the government. Most organists do not have enough pupils to make a living from that anyway. And there's no other organ teachers nearby to put out of buisness either.

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    Interesting, that would be nice.
    I'll do some searching and see what I can find.

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    Hi Stoferb,

    I have no objection to the arrangement you have, because it isn't an exchange of services. You have a payed job at the church and pay your taxes, and everything is aboveboard as it should be.
    What I don't like is private arrangements such as are going on in a church near where I live. The organist gives lessons to some people for free. In return, they supply for him on the many Sundays he's gone. If they're payed, it isn't by the church, and they aren't paying taxes. As a result, my own organ teacher can't get enough pupils, and organ students like myself who refuse to moonshine can't get the necessary work experience.
    You can see why I feel very strongly about this subject. But I don't wish to offend honest citizens like yourself or Krummhorn. I just want Drummer to stay clear of black marketeers, and to be prepared to pay a price for his honesty.


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