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Thread: handling page turns

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    I would like to thank all of you who responded to my question about page turns. These are all some excellent suggestions which I will surely implement. Thank You.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contratrombone64 View Post
    "proper noice" ... sweet, I remember the Devon accent from my "year of pilgrimage" in the UK. Yeah - come to Sydney, you'd be very welcome AND get a personalised tour of our biggest and best pipe organs. I know most of the Sydney city ones.

    Hi, Yes, Many non organists do not know of the many fine organs in Oz. A visit to Sydney town hall, for a start, is a relevation. People in Australia hopefully appreciate thier organists and the continuation of a fine tradition for this instrument. I am in awe. It is not only Europe that can claim culture.

    My Regards Raymond.

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    I had a problem with music turning last week. I solved it by photocopying the pages (single sided). When placing them on the music stand I started with the back page on the right hand side of the stand, every sheet after that was placed on top of that, but with the right edge about 1.5 cm to the left of the previous page, thus creating an off-set stack.

    In stead of turning the pages I slide the top page to the left ever time. It's faster than turning a page, with the off-set edges it is easy to grab the edge with either hand. You can also change the music in the middle of a page, when one hand is free, as both pages remain visible.
    Johan van Heerden

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