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Thread: Euro 2008-- which team are you supporting..?

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    Thumbs up Euro 2008-- which team are you supporting..?

    Welcome soccer fans,

    Isn't it exciting, guys...Euro is just getting hotter and hotter...I am kinda confused which team to pick..

    1> Germans looked unstoppable
    2> Portugal is full of match winners and stars...Ronalda is red hot and so is much less hyped Deco..
    3> Holland is bunch of super talented and exciting players
    4> Spain
    5>France looked ordinary and boring...

    What do say..?

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    Great thread kkhanna2020,

    I support my home country Turkey,but even though we beat the Swiss last night,i think Czech Republic will own us and send us home mainly because our head coach Fatih Terim does not possess the adequate skills.We have many players all in defense,offence and midfield watching the EURO on TV who are better than players currently summoned for the tournament.At the end of the first group games anyone who watched all of the games would say that we were the weakest team.

    Other than that i fancy Switzerland,although we had sad incidents last time we met them (Most of it was our fault anyway) because i like and admire Köbi Kuhn,their coach.I also like Poland for the same reason,their coach.Leo Beenhakker is such a likeable guy and a highly experienced and skilled coach.I always favour Germany the most in a tournament when it lacked Turkey and i don't know why.This EURO includes Turkey so i support Germany second most.I also like Sweden because they have pride against giants of this game and also Russia because Guus Hiddink is their coach and the Dutch because in a tournament usually they play the most entertaining football.I have intense distaste for France and Italy.

    Who is going to win it?
    Let me guess

    Germany vs Czech Rep.=Germany
    Portugal vs Croatia=Portugal
    Netherlands vs Sweden=Netherlands
    Spain vs France=France

    Germany vs Portugal=Germany
    Netherlands vs France=Netherlands

    Germany vs Netherlands=Germany

    Germany will win it i suppose.They are very well organised and wise with the ball a very effective team.

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    So after "my" Dutch got beaten fair and square tonight, it's Germany-Turkey and Russia-(Spain or Italy) in the semi's.
    The way this tournament has been going (and it has been a thrilling ride), I could see any of these five wrap it up at the end...

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    For some strange reason, my family is rooting for the Russian team...and suprisingly, they even won a few games....
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