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Thread: Cool Song I found On My Space

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    Cool Song I found On My Space

    I found this cool song on myspace which I think is really cool It's hard to find a-lot but I think this is a really good band there song "rev it up and go go" was great I play gutiar bass and drums and it's a cool grove to play.

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    I just got a copy of this phenomenal album from a Chicago band called Janus. These dudes rock, they sound like a mix of the Deftones and 30 Seconds to Mars, "Eyesore" is my favorite track. Found some good reviews of them online too.

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    I just found this band called HumanLab on myspace, I just thought I would let you know cause they have some really sweet music..really mellow and positive, this music just makes me want to drive to the beach..

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