Hello Progressive Rock Fans,

I'd like to introduce myself and tell everyone about a special project of mine that was recently completed. My name is Chris G and I am a drummer. I've performed and/or recorded with some players in progressive rock circles including Spock's Beard, Nick D'Virgilio, Mike Keneally, and Shawn "Yogi" Farley.

Four years ago, my older brother Andrew passed away at age 40. We had grown up playing and creating music together, stoking each other's rock star dreams. Andrew left behind a box of four-track demos that he'd painstakingly put together over many, many years. I decided to take some of my favorite songs out of that box, get the best musicians I could find, and make the songs into a "proper album." This was in late 2004 that I started the project.

The new CD, entilted Reflections - An Act Of Glass, is now complete. Here are the musicians that are featured on the album:

Adrian Belew: guitar, vocals
Bryan Beller: bass
Nick D'Virgilio: vocals
Shawn Farley: bass, guitars
Chris G: drums, keyboards, percussion
Randy George: bass, keyboards
Andrew Gorczyca: vocals
Wil Henderson: vocals
Phil Keaggy: guitars
Mike Keneally: guitars
Ted Leonard: vocals
Dave Meros: bass
Rich Mouser: guitar
Rick Musallam: guitars
Ryo Okumoto: keyboards
Billy Oskay: violins
Greg Strickland: bass
Marc Ziegenhagen: keyboards

We have a MySpace profile up right now, with four of the eight tracks listenable AND downloadable. The overall goal of this effort is to get Andrew's music heard, and hopefully into the hands of progressive rock fans everywhere. Please check out our MySpace page and listen to the music and learn more about the story.


Thanks everyone!


Chris G