You know, you enter a music shop with no intention of purchasing anything, in particular. But, there in all its glory, on front counter of a city Classical CD/DVD store was the Copenhagen Ring (DVD). And at just over $AU100 I couldn't resist.

I must say, I don't mind Wagner updated if it's logical and has a point, so from that angle, this Ring Cycle is sublime. I love Das Rhinegold in particular because the setting (1920s) is delicious (I won't give away too much). Die Walkure is also, incredible. Siegmund and Sigelinde's heart-racing duet that brings Act One to a spine tingling conclusion is just about perfection. The Valkyrie's well, they're amazing (black wings??).

I urge you to buy this recording as it is pretty good (as Good as the Adelaide Ring orchestrally, and it was just about perfect too).

The new Royal Theatre looks amazing, I remember seeing it from the city when I was in Copenhagen a couple of years back. The stage looks enormous and the pit enormous!!