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Thread: Tiles/Rick Ray Band/Slick Flux Concert Sat. 11-8

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    Tiles/Rick Ray Band/Slick Flux Concert Sat. 11-8

    Tiles/Rick Ray Band/Slick Flux will be performing live Saturday Nov. 8th at The Phantasy Concert Club 11802 Detroit Rd. Lakewood, OH. Ticket price is $15 and doors open at 7:30 show starts at 8:00. There will also be a lightshow during the concert featuring "Solar Fire Lightshow" who has done lighting for Hawkwind, Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles and many more.

    Out of town guests can stay at a discounted rate of $64 (includes tax) at Days Inn 12019 Lake Ave. Lakewood, OH.

    If you are interested in a free promo CD of the bands performing in the concert, please send your mailing address in a private message to this account.

    For more information check out the following email addresses:



    The Rick Ray Band

    Slick Flux (ex-Indelibles)

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    re:Tiles/Rick Ray Band/Slick Flux Concert Sat. 11-8


    that is really good information i like this information very much because i like these kind of shows and i will definitely see that and if i want promo then i will email you.


    [promo link removed - again]
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