For you to have a listen and a read.

Start by downloading my track A new hope from my album A new time, You can download it here

It includes a 2008 teasers and they are in mp3 192 kpbs here, its a zip file about 19mb, to unzip it you can use 7zip which is free, go here to download

I hope you will enjoy these soundbites as much as I did making them

If you would like the whole A new time album please get in touch and Ill send it to you free via you


I posted a thread earliere about " cheap & expensive " instruments and this sort of fits in with that, its not allways the value but what you do with it that matters.

The A new time project was made using an applause acoustic guitar, epiphone g400 electric guitar, Cubasis VST 5 and the VST instrument Wusik 2
(now version 5) and mastered with Izotope Ozone 3 ( during the 15 days free evaluation) All in all the value of this setup now is less then £300.


is guitar and piano based, composed of 11 tracks, Electronic, Ambient, Downbeat and Acoustic. It was created in a short period of 4 weeks in january 2007 and was my first complete project, more info about me further down.

Review by fatea-records:

Occasionally an album comes along that falls outside of our remit, but we feel we need to draw your attention to. "A New Time" is just such an album. Like a Jean Michel Jarre with more of an understanding of natural rhythm and a feel for life, Sorensen builds an album that has an almost filmatic touch. He finds soundscapes that capture the imagination and allows you to populate them. It brings about an album that is not only relaxing, but has a life affirming quality to it. It's just so easy to drift off into the music. A seriously enlightening album, I just wouldn't recommend driving to it.

Review posted on the A Ultima Fronteira Radio website on the 3rd of March 2008.

"From Denmark, although resident in England, arrives the new album by the multi-instrumentalist - but primarily guitarist - Jesper Sorensen: A New Time.
The title is significant because after suffering a serious and prolonged illness his recovery stunned even the doctors themselves. In this " A New Time " Jesper seems to give thanks, musically speaking, to life. A life surrounded by beautiful melodies where the guitar or acoustic or electric piano leads to various electronic sounds ... a channel that transports us to a state of well-being filled with colourful pictures and perfumes.

Musically Jesper has something in common with the idea of Guitars by Mike Oldfield, albeit from a more intimate and evolved point of view. Topics such as A New Hope will make you want to hold your breath so as not to hinder the magisterial and emotional group of sounds that are dragged from your skin, until they enter the pores and are anchored in the nerve endings causing our hearts to beat to the rhythm of the different melodies.. Great!

(c) Manuel Lemos Muradás [Equipo A Última Fronteira]



Jesper Sørensen from Copenhagen, Denmark. At a young age he started playing the guitar. He started to write his own music when he was 14, improvising on various techniques, and went on to teach himself to play a range of other instruments. His primary influences are Mike Oldfield, Mark Knopfler, and Jean Michel Jarre. At the age of 20 he formed his first band, 4us, and through playing in various clubs and universities was invited to appear on the Danish national radio. After a break of some years he and 3 friends formed Half and Half, a cover version band, which became very popular, and he spent the next 2 years performing and appearing again on the Danish radio. He continued to experiment with different styles of music and in 2000 moved to England where he now lives with his wife and 2 children. He was diagnosed with cancer in early 2006 and after a year of treatment and recovery he rediscovered the joy of making music, and since January 2007 has produced and finished the album " A New Time ".