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Thread: Noce Trumpets!

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    Noce Trumpets!

    Hey all look at the trumpets onthis organ.I'm not shure whats the church.

    Go to youtube and type:Calvary Church Pipe Organ - Trumpet Voluntary
    Click on the first one!
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    Calvary Church is in Charlotte, NC (visit website), and the organ is apparently a Moller, which would mean pre-transfer-to-Oregon.

    It would be interesting to know how many four and five deckers have come into existence since the end of W. W. II. At one time, the website for First-Plymouth (Lincoln, NE) stated that their four-manual, around 1932-3, was the only four-manual west of the Mississippi except for the one in the Mormon Tabernacle (at that time). Not true -- both Bovard Auditorium at USC and First Congregational of L. A. had four-manuals around that time. The one at USC was long ago dismantled, and I won't go into what has happened FCCLA!! If you have never been to that church, trust me, it's an eye-opener, to say nothing of what it does to your ears.

    I realize that any organ around probably has some sort of history, when it was built, etc., but it would take an encyclopedia to go through all that has happened in this country alone in the last 60 or so years.

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