Salman Khan - “When Rahman and Subhashji come together, they give you the best music. The music of Yuvvraaj is outstanding. Its very soulful, peaceful and carries a sweetness of its own with powerful lyrical value.”
IT’S OFFICIAL! By some astonishing miracle, 2008 WILL be a memorable year for music. Yes indeed! But that miracle has come solely by way of Allah Rakha Rahman (ARR). Because without the outstanding music of Jodhaa Akbar, Ada…A Way of Life and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, the year is arguably one of the worst in recent times littered with mediocrity and devoid of what we all know and love to be the ‘essence’ of music, it’s soul and passion. This is largely due to the complacency of other music directors who have lost their focus but let’s not dwell on them. Because this is the era of Rahman and this is the year of a maestro who has truly been a ‘godsend’ (no pun intended) for all music lovers.
A journey starting with Symphony No.5 (Beethoven) is setting some precedence for the OST. The first track Main Hoon Yuvvraaj does exactly that (performed by Chennai String Orchestra) and provides a short introduction to the movie with vocals by none other than Salman Khan himself. In this he reveals a number of interesting cues but one thing is for sure….he is a 'bad guy' and he is Yuvvraaj out to prove he can be a superstar with his singing!
And his first attempt at stardom comes immediately with the next track, the quite wonderfully composed Tu Meri Dost Hain. The music, starting on a simple note, is eerily soft yet ever so alluring eventually developing into a blissful tune that will undoubtedly mesmerize you upon repeated listening. But why are you surprised? These are the hallmarks of classic Rahman! In particular the melodious cello play just takes the track to another level and the accompanying symphony effects are fabulous as are the dovetailing beats…everything links together so harmoniously, I am simply at a lost for words to describe the beauty of this composition. Special mention also to Gulzar saab for his gifted lyrics that add so much meaning to the song. Furthermore it appears that Rahman’s singing dynasty has added another sensation in the form of Benny Dayal (who also sang in Jaane Tu..) who sings in stunning fashin alongside the maestro himself. But it’s Shreya Ghoshal’s entry midway through that is a masterstroke and just the icing on the cake. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Rahman’s earlier release this year from Jodhaa Akbar i.e. the amazing Khwaja Mere Khwaja, this would be my pick for the most outstanding track of 2008. Genius!