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Thread: Create Your Own Prog Rock Radio Station from Slacker.Com

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    Create Your Own Prog Rock Radio Station from Slacker.Com


    From Ayreon to Zappa - Create your own personalized Prog Rock station at Slacker.Com.

    Slacker.Com is personalized internet radio. You can skip songs and tell the system to play only the bands you want to hear.

    We have over 110 Prog Bands currently playing, from classic bands, new releases, and rare obscurities, we have it all on the Prog Rock station from Slacker.Com. Plus, we add music to the station every week – keeping it fresh and up to date.

    Choose EXACTLY what bands you want to hear. If you only want the station playing the weird stuff, we can do it. If you only want to hear the classics, that’s cool. If you love everything except Rush, no problem, just delete Rush from the system and you’ll never hear them again. You can even skip and ban songs so they never play again, or make certain songs your favorites so they play more often. Just click on "Edit Station" after going to the Prog Channel. It’s personalized Prog Rock Radio from Slacker.Com.


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    since this thread is a promotion space, let's give this one a try:

    please do visit it, i built it and made six of my productions free to listen. hope you like it.

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