UPDATE 13-06-2005:
The "New User" Registration Email Verification and the "Contact Us" Mail System is now fully functional again! I apologise to anyone who has tried and been unable to register a new user and/or get technical support through the "contact us" option, within the last couple of months.

Original Post:

ALERT: Forum Mail System Is Down!! Registration Troubles & More

This has been going on for several months without my knowing, because messages send using the "Contact Us" option has NOT reached their destination!!
Repeat: The "Contact Us" option has NOT been working for at least two months!

If anyone has experienced problems registering/contacting us plese write in the new "Help & Troubleshooting" forum, which is open to unregistered users (permanently). Thanks.
Until the problem has been solved I have enabled read and write access for unregistered users (guests) in the following forums:
• Help & Troubleshooting Forum
• The five "Music Forums" (Crossover, Classical, Electronica, Progressive and Pipe Organs)
• Movies, Film Scores & Movie Soundtracks Forum
• Architecture, Painting, Photography...
• Open Debate & The Not So Serious Forum
• The Two Danish Language Forums: "Musikforum" & "Debatforum"

Sorry for any inconvieniences!