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Thread: String Quartets Tributes to Rock Bands!!!

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    String Quartets Tributes to Rock Bands!!!

    I didn't know really where to put put this because the music is Rock music just in Classical Music Form.

    So, what do you guys think when string quartets play your favorite rock band's music, kinda like Apocalyptica with Metallica?

    I've listen to the Fall Out Boy, Guns n' Roses, and Pearl Jams tributes. What I have seen is a quartet doing Pantera and it was pretty sweet concert.

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    Apocaplytica is not a string quartet - they are cellist with a drummer thrown in since 2005. They are great musicians, who have recorded many CD's with covers as well as their own music. I like them.

    The string quartet tribute to ... series on the other hand is not my kind of music.

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