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Thread: Unmasking the New World Order

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    Unmasking the New World Order

    There really IS a New World Order movement. You can hear it being talked about in countless speeches by Presidents and Prime Ministers. You can see their works. They dominate the media. The New World Order is really an emerging government within government. A short lived and evil empire which rises from the old Roman Empire. And it's a cancer within the ruling classes. It's undemocratic. It's headed up by unaccountable elites and their dirty tricks. Evil people who serve other masters and not the people who elected them. Serving the same elites who first demand your money to rescue them from their own financial corruption. And we gave it to them. The same people who want to destroy governments and who want to put entire constitutions on hold. Permanently. The same people who want fat salaries and endless wars. The same people whose 'false flag' terrorism worldwide is used to justify their huge arms expenditures by their own corporations and contractors. Why don't the mainstream media discuss this issue ? Guess why ? Because they are part of it.

    Time to identify who these people are and to unmask them. Before it's too late. The entire world agrees.
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