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Thread: New to the Organ

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    New to the Organ

    I'm new to the fabulous instrument that is the organ. I'm trying to learn on my own, but have several silly questions. I do play piano do I'm not really as dumb as I'm about to sound.

    Exactly where is middle C on a two keyboard console? (I have a beautiful pipe organ to practice on, but the church that is hiring me has a small electric)

    Is the top keyboard, or the bottom the great? (I'm assuming the other one is the swell)

    Which keyboard should the melody be played on? (I think I'm playing it on the great, it seemed louder)

    Thank you for your help. Don't worry, I won't always be this dim.

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    Re: New to the Organ

    Well, first I would need some more info on the electric organ. What model is that? Also, I'm sorry to say I don't know much about electric organs but I'm sure someelse visiting this forum does.

    On a two manual pipe organ the lower keyboard (or "manual") is usually the Great Organ. You can play the melody on any manual you choose, it's your "registration" (selection of stops) that will determine your choise. Anyhow, the melody should of course be accentuated most of the time.

    The middle C on a pipe organ is two octaves above the lowest C on a standard 56-61 keys manual.

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