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Thread: Female Rock Stars

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    Female Rock Stars

    I'm addicted To Eriko Hashimoto, the vocalist&guitarist of Japanese rock band called "Chatmonchy". She Composes all song of Chatmonchy's songs.

    Chatmonchy's Live Perfomance

    Please Tell me your favorite female rock star.

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    Stevie Nicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken1988 View Post
    Please Tell me your favorite female rock star.
    Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders. Please let me tell you why-

    1) Wonderful projection-quality nearly 3 octave vocal range, in her prime.
    2) Incisive and inventive songwriting, when giving of her best, and
    3) Underrated abilities on rhythm guitar.

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    Deborah Harry, probably the best woman in rock music!

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    The ultimate female singer is totally Tarja Turunen, former front person of Nightwish. As ken1988 said I'm totally addicted to her
    And to prove the point here is some samples:

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