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Thread: Zappa tribute band Project/Object on tour in the US!!!

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    Zappa tribute band Project/Object on tour in the US!!!

    Project Object will be Back on the Road soon........ DO NOT MISS THIS.... Once again Zappa history.... three of the main creative forces ...these three musicians together span from 1966-1974 (Mothers of Invention) and 1976-1988 "Zappa" bands.

    This is the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY they have ever all toured together. It will be a memorable tour and we need you there!!

    Project/Object will do a brief tour at the end of January and beginning of February 2009 with Frank Zappa's two longest running band members, Ike Willis and Ed Mann, plus Mothers of Invention's original synth player, Don Preston!

    In the spirit of Frank Zappa's final message to the fans: "Play my music", the band is delighted and proud to tour with such legends, uniting these three Zappa alumni for their first historic tour together.

    Ed Mann started his tenure with Frank Zappa when he applied percussion overdubs to "Zappa In New York." Ike Willis joined in 1978, and together or individually they appeared on every Zappa tour thereafter; and almost every album until his tragic death. Both Ed and Ike were integral parts of Zappa's final tour in 1988, which some say was his most historic tour, and one that he richly represented to his fan base with several live recordings. Don Preston, a seminal synth player, performed and recorded with Zappa from the early days of the Mothers of Invention through 1974.

    One of Frank's greatest skills was his incredible sixth sense in identifying something magical in each of the musicians he hired. Recognizing this - Project/Object continues it's singular mission to present the music as it was recorded -but also to respect and develop the creative "live" aspect that Zappa always pushed his band towards. With the support of the fans, Project/Object chooses to do this with the "Alumni": the people who were there with Frank as the music was created, recorded and performed.

    The band will also feature Andre' Cholmondeley, Robbie "Seahag" Mangano, Eric Svalgard (keyboards/vocals), Eric Slick (Adrian Belew Trio) and Jordan Shapiro on select dates.

    PROJECT/OBJECT - the music of Frank Zappa

    JANUARY 2009
    THU 29 Teaneck NJ Mexicali $18/$20
    FRI 30 Baltimore MD 8X10 $18/$20
    SAT 31 Sellersville PA Sellersville Theatre $22.50

    FEBRUARY 2009
    SUN 1 Falls Church VA State Theatre $18/$20
    MON 2 Pittsburgh PA Club Cafe' $20/$22
    TUE 3 Ann Arbor MI Blind Pig $12/$15
    WED 4 Cleveland OH Beachland $18/$20
    THU 5 Chicago IL Morse Theater $20/$22.50
    FRI 6 Kalamazoo MI Papa Pete's $12/$15
    SAT 7 Buffalo NY The Tralf $20/$23
    SUN 8 TBA

    FRANK ZAPPA........
    The Actual Music, Live...featuring the Actual Alumni


    Zappa Tours and Albums 1978-1988

    Zappa Tours and Albums 1976-1988

    Mothers Of Invention & Zappa Tours and Albums 1966-1974

    IKE, ED, DON - On Historic Tour Together for the Very First Time!!!
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