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Thread: The Staff of Magle International Music Forums

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    The Staff of Magle International Music Forums

    Here is the list of the
    Magle International Music Forums Staff Members:

    REGULATORS: (a.k.a. »moderators«)

    Thomas Dressler (Currently on leave)
    Thomas Dressler is from Pennsylvania, USA. He is a classical organist/harpsichordist who has a special interest in historic performing practices (including those of the 19th century.) He is active as a performer and as a choral director/church organist, and occasionally as a composer.

    Rune Vejby
    (Currently On Leave)
    Rune is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He's a composer, pianist and producer and has worked with Classical music, Jazz, Mainstream, Electronica etc. through several years



    Thomas is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He's a composer, arranger and horn player and also works as a music engraver.


    Eric is from New Jersey.

    Mat is from Poland and has been a member of MIMF since August 2007.


    Frederik Magle
    Frederik Magle is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the founder of Magle International Music Forums. He's a composer, concert organist and pianist.

    rojo (Currently on leave)
    Robin is from Montreal, Canada. She's a pianist and piano teacher with a university degree, and a love of music.

    Lars is from Detroit, and now resides in Arizona. He's been a church organist/recitalist since 1960.

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