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Thread: Gulbransen electronic organ

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    Wink Gulbransen electronic organ

    I have no knowledge of this subject. I was wondering if the keys on the Gulbransen paragon organ had ivory keys or not.. Thank you for any help..

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    The Gulbransen pianos definitely were ivory keys, I don't know about the paragon organ though. Do you have access to the organ? Have a close look at the keys under strong light. If they are ivory you will see a 'grain' in them, like you would with wood.

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    From what I can gather in a short search on this Gulbransen model, it was manufactured between the years of 1969 and 1976. All the electronic organs I have played from that era had plastic keys ... the Möller pipe organ at church was built in 1979 and it has plastic keys as well.

    Ivory has a tendency to yellow with age and the "lip" at the forward edge of the keys will chip easily.

    GrahamG offers sage advice though ... a great way to check out for yourself what those keys are made from.
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