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Thread: Early music on early organs

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    Early music on early organs

    Hi, for those interested in less well known organ music from about 1700 through to early 1800s played on 6 restored instruments of similar vintage, I can recommend The English organ anthology, 5 CDs covering organs from 1693 to 1837 and 18 composers from William Croft 1678-1727 to Samuel Wesley 1766 - 1837, including Handel and John Stanley. Performer is Jennifer Bate.

    For a track listing see:
    Cheers MIKE.

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    These look like nice sets to own ... and Jennifer Bate is certainly a wonderful performer. I'll have to look into getting these - I also like playing these lesser known compositions, too.
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    Yesterday, I 'dug out' one of my old LPs and enjoyed hearing Michel Chapuis playing music by Louis Marchand on the 1782 Clicquot Organ at Souvigny. Old though the recording is, the sound quality is superb having endured well over the years. I suppose the recording has been re-mastered and reissued on CD now,but it will have been difficult to improve the impact the organ sound has. Nevertheless if any expert collector knows of such a reissue, I'd be glad to know.

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