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Thread: Corporate Madness in the Brave New World

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    Corporate Madness in the Brave New World

    Local BBC news - the bizzare story of a major food chains new sales policy here in the Southeast of England -
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    Hmmm, I would be thrilled to have been "carded" for purchasing alcohol. We older folk should be proud of our age ... I certainly am.

    I suppose that the merchant needs to do this for everyone so as not to be accused of picking on any one particular age group. Everybody shows the ID or you don't get to buy it. Sounds perfectly fair to me.
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    I would be flattered if I had to prove I was over age for anything,
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    Well, just for the record

    The British authorities have never (even during the Spanish Armada in 1588) required I.D. cards to be carried. That a 68 year old woman today needs one to buy a bottle of wine from her local grocer (this solely to avoid sale of wine to children under 18 years of age !) and when no other store in that area or in the entire city of London nor anywhere else in England needs one from her to do the same is, well, sheer nonsense. The answer to such nonsense is to boycott that store until it employs managers and sales staff who apply common sense. Less than 50 miles south of London is France, a place where people would collapse in laughter to see such absurd rules being applied against her.

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    I'm assuming the salesperson was a spotty youth with absolutely no idea.

    We have proof of age cards for young people over 18 who don't have drivers' licences and are likely to be challenged when trying to buy alcohol and also for kids under 16, the latter to prove they are young enough to get concession tickets on public transport.

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    Thats ridiculous!!! Krummhorn, you certainly do see the ridiculousness of this "fair to everybody" stuff, don't you? Some rules are MEANT to be picking on a sertain age group (or whatever group), and a strict interpretation of them is just ridiculous and is a waste of time, as is the case here.
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