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Thread: New progressive rock music in Finnsih-Swedish!

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    New progressive rock music in Finnsih-Swedish!


    Nice to find such an active music forum here!

    I just want to tell you that Prime Mover have recently founded a record company, Skivkraft, and released their second album, Prime Mover alias Drivkraft. The music is progressive rock, with a touch of folk music. The songs are sung in Swedish, the second major language in Finland. The record has recieved good reviews (e.g. highest markings from the ProgressoR-site in Uzbekistan) and have even been played on national radio stations as far away as Chile!

    We have a complete mp3-song on our home page, that you can download for free. You can also listen to all the songs (30 seconds of each song) and we have also some songs from our first album available online.

    We appreciate all kinds of comments!

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    Re: New progressive rock music in Finnsih-Swedish!

    Hi Kebu, I'm looking forward to listen to your music. Right now I'm in the middle of a project of my own which takes all my concentration when it comes to music, so I will wait until I have completed that project. In the meantime I will recommend members of Magle International Music Forums to take a few minutes (or more) and visit kebu's site, listen to the music and post a comment here

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    Re: New progressive rock music in Finnsih-Swedish!

    wow pretty amazing, alot of good talent in this forum

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