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Thread: Where I can find some new and different designs for wedding invitations?

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    Where I can find some new and different designs for wedding invitations?

    In just over six months my daughter is getting married. Now that she’s set a date, I’m shopping for wedding invitations. I have seen many designs but can’t find anything I like. Have you had any experience with ordering well-designed wedding invitations?

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    Most any bridal shop also does wedding invitations. But, imho, the wedding invitations should be something your daughter likes ... it is, afterall, her wedding .

    If one googles wedding invitations there are a good number of sites listed.

    Some stationery stores also carry these as a side line, too.
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    There are lots of sites on the internet that sell wedding invitations now, but some are better than others. My cousin used a company called and was really happy with her invitations and response cards. You might give them a try.
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