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Thread: Beautiful & Romantic Music By New Artist, VINCENT

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    Beautiful & Romantic Music By New Artist, VINCENT

    New artist, VINCENT, has a unique sound. His beautiful melodies with soft rock beats will soothe your soul.Vincent is a one man band that plays the keyboards and adds sound effects and edits with various software programs.Vincent is a very versatile musician. He plays Easy Listening/ Classical and New Age music. His Easy Listening music is similar to the romantic sounds of Yanni. Some songs have the drum beats of Enya, and other songs have the regal fanfares of a John Williams.Vincent's latest album, "Cascade of Emotions" has 21 tracks with lovely melodies that are very smooth and relaxing. The kind of album you want to sit down with a loved one or lover and enjoy listening to.He also has songs from his album, "Tumult" that have a more Classical feel to them. So if you like a more Classical style then you will like his album, "Tumult."You can listen, download free music files, and watch his music videos on http://www.vincentwitcher.comVincent also sells his music on Here is the link: is looking to do music gigs. If you like his music and want him to come to play for your social event, please go to his website for more details.

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    I'm sorry my computer won't down those websites. Welcome to the
    forum though! I hope you stay a while.
    judy tooley

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    Same here. The only thing I can read is the website references, and they say, "cannot open this page". What went wrong?

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    Same for me too, will try again later.


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