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Thread: Hey guys, I need help using my Casio CT-700 as a controller

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    Hey guys, I need help using my Casio CT-700 as a controller

    I'm a real newby at this sorta stuff. I wanna use my Casio CT-700 (pretty old) as an MIDI controller, but I'm expreiencing a bit of difficulty getting it to work. I have arranged all the MIDI settings in FL Studio, but no sound comes when I load a plug-in and hit notes on the keyboard. The only time anything thing happens, is when I load an MIDI out channel, even then, the computer tells the keyboard what to do, not the other way round (which its obviously supposed to be!). I've been trying for a long time now, I really need help. sorry but I'm really new at this, and I have no idea what to do.Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Hello there and welcome.

    Get yourself a copy (freeware) of the utility called Midi-ox at: if you are running a pc. For a mac, google for midi monitor which does the same thing. Probably from the same company.

    This way you can see on your display which messages are being sent to and received from the keyboard (casio). You do need to have 2 midi cables. The midi out of the keyboard goes to midi in on your soundcard port. The midi in of your casio keyboard goes to the midi in on your soundcard. If you are not connected this way, eg, via usb, then the midi-ox utility will still work just fine.

    Also, I would suggest that you go to and search for FL as well as sonar for a good idea of how you should set up your sequencer (software, in your case FL).

    I don't use FL but perhaps you don't have your audio and midi setups done correctly in that program. Your audio out will be whatever your primary sound driver (card) is. Your midi in will be your casio keyboard, MAKING SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT CHANNEL. Many keyboards defaul to channel one as an output. Whatever channel your casio is outputting a signal on, you want to make sure that is selected the same in your host program (FL). You would want midi in to be selected as your casio keyboard and the same channel (most likely 1). Whichever channel your keyboard sends out on, make sure that is the channel that your software is "listening" to for any events and sysex messages.

    You'll have to do some reading, tho. A lot of this has been covered. Just read the forums and google specific questions for more detailed info. Don't forget YouTube. It has a WEALTH of informative videos showing how to use sequencing programs.

    Bet it's something as simple as you don't have the correct channel selected. Also, if your casio has this feature, select "external" for the mixer and ensure that you also have entered midi mode on the casio.

    If you have any other questions, post them and I'll check back or someone else will be happy to help you.

    best of luck.

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