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Thread: Midi control of MyOrgan?

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    Midi control of MyOrgan?

    I've been playing with the Kitchener organ and its variations from musicalis. I can get the divisionals to respond to a midi program change message (I use Midi-Ox to remap messages for me) but I can't get the couplers (e.g. Gt->Ped8) to respond to program control messages even if I add, for example, "MIDIProgramChangeNumber=98" to the coupler section.

    Has anyone managed to control the couplers in MyOrgan with MIDI - can it even be done?


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    yes it is possible to control the couplers.
    Couplers are controlled like stops (by the same MIDI channel)
    This setting is not in the ODF but in your MyOrgan setup
    In the ODF, you can only change the midi number or let it unspecified.
    You can also right click on the coupler drawstopand use "listen" to see why your coupler doesn't do what you want.

    PS you can use midi prg change or note-on messages, like you want.
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    Ahhhhhhhh. Thanks very much Jean-Paul :-)


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