Just want to let you know Kinetic Element has two Richmond appearances coming up and one in the DC area..

We are back at The Camel on Saturday April 18 (next week!) as part of a 4-band show which we will open. We are to go on at 10pm. $5 cover. See www.thecamel.org. Doors open at 9:30.

We open the Nektar show at Jaxx in West Springfield VA (DC area) Saturday May 2. www.jaxxroxx.com $22 but you get to see us, and remember the future with Nektar. Oblivion Sun has had to cancel due to personnel changes. Yes I know it's ROSfest weekend, but like last year's show with Circa:, an opportunity I couldn't say no to.

Then we are supporting the amazing French prog trio Morglbl (www.myspace.com/morglbl) at The Capital Ale House the following Friday, May 8. It's $8 cover but Morglbl is worth it (and of course so are we LOL!). We go on at 10 for an hour followed by two sets by Morglbl. Guitarist Christophe Godin has been blowing peoples' minds all over Europe and the band is on a lengthy tour of the States.

Kinetic Element will be performing our upcoming CD Powered by Light, or at least most of it LOL! We have two new pieces which a few of you heard at The Camel on Feb. 17. We are now a quartet with the addition of classically trained Todd Russell on guitar. We are finally going to hit the studio in late May and early June to record this thing right and finally get a high quality product to support. Speaking of support, thanks for all the shows you have been to and please come out to one of these.

"Come on man, keep as cool as you can.
Face miles and miles of trials with smiles.
It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave,
And keep on thinking free."
----the Moody Blues

Mike (the mad organist) Visaggio