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Thread: I need BIG TIME help:)

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    I need BIG TIME help:)

    hello!!! i'm new here! and i have a BIG favor to ask!
    so here is the deal. my school's POPS concert is coming up fast! our theme this year is.. Music Of The Movies.
    SO me and my best friend REAAAAAALLY. want to do a good duet. we are both altos but have fairly high ranges and could handle a soprano song. the problem is... ALL female female duets are in musicals that haven't been made into movies yet.
    these songs can be just from a soundtrack ( like background music) or from musicals made into movies (disney included) we just need a good duet if anyone could help that would be amazing!!!! please feel free to leave suggestions!!! thank you so so so much

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    Just off the top of my head – weren't there some songs in West Side Story that might work? (America; I Feel Pretty)

    Otherwise, are there any solo songs that might be adaptable to duet form? (1st singer – 1st verse; 2nd singer – 2nd verse; both, in harmony – chorus ... etc.)

    Another brainwave: "I know him so well", the f/f duet from Chess. Was that ever made into a movie?

    Any ABBA songs? "Mama Mia" the movie ... memo: blue eyeshadow, cheesy choreography. You might just have a hit on your hands!

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    My memory is probably off, but might there be a song or two in the musical South Pacific?

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    Probably not something you have heard of perhaps, but for a campy song, there's one from Mame called Bosom Buddies. Although I don't know at which level you are in school. It might not be age appropriate if you are too young, but it's a cute song.

    You might want to listen to the soundtrack to Chicago. There are several female/female duets in there.

    Actually, did you google female duets from movies, (for an example?).

    Hope this helps. Have fun, whatever you pick. And "break a leg."

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    Just a few to mention.

    I Know Him So Well- Chess

    Class - Chicago

    I Have a Love - West Side Story

    A Boy Like That - West Side Story

    "Poor Little Pierrette” - The Boyfriend

    Angel of Music - Phantom of the opera

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