Perhaps some of you would be interested in my band's output. We are a Liverpool based Sci-Fa Prog unit. We have had comparisions (very kind & generous comparisions) with KC, GG, FZ & ELP.

You can hear some of our noises here:

We are touring the UK with Upsilon Acrux in October this year, so keep an prog-ear out. We will be promoting our forthcoming LP "Spacetime Fabric Conditioner".

Some superfluous blurb:::::

"Then in Zion, where all you see is streaks of colour, backlit by synthesised moods, The Laze are spinning towards the earth from behind the solar eclipse all slow motion and holographic with the clouds bleeding across the sky like coloured dye dropped into water.
What begins as John Carpenter '70s horror-house thumps, soon transmogrifies into medieval prog-rave vs. whimsical melodic alien folk that teases and taunts the artwork from Hawkwind LPs into life, strange creatures that congregate around the stone altar at cobalt-blue midnite awaiting the virgin sacrifice with reverie but are given instead a wicker man constructed from synthesiser circuit boards and the dials and keys from butchered mellotrons, all bound together with guitar strings and duct tape. They light the power chord trailing from the foot as the music strikes up." - review of "Run Into Space"

We'd love to know what you guys think though...

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