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Thread: Have You Ever Been Paid For Having Fun?

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    Have You Ever Been Paid For Having Fun?

    I received an email from a friend about [url deleted] a new social network just like Orkut & Facebook but it pays you for the time you spend on it. It is a platform in which you can participate in music competitions and earn dollars and also you can be a famous musician. Isnt this a great resource of having fun and making money?
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    Hi there, and welcome.

    Tread lightly with things like that site. It smacks to me of the winning lottery emails from various countries.

    Bottom Line: When something sounds too good to be true, it normally is. Just don't give out any personal information. If you can have fun there, that's great. Just don't be giving out your bank account number for your "money" to be deposited in.

    Personally, I have never heard of the site, but I will do some checking on it.

    ADDENDUM: Just visited the link...Impression: SCAM. Didn't see squat about being PAID, but I can tell by the calibre of the "talent" that this is a site for wannabes and such are plentiful online. OUR site is legitimate and doesn't promise you anything...period...Except a wonderful place to share common interests and you can showplace your talents if you like in the appropriate area of the forum. Having been in acting for several years I have come across many less than above board. The one thing I have learned early on is: Legitimate agents/representatives NEVER charge up front. If a site asks for money, run as fast as you can. A representative on your behalf should only make a commission AFTER they have gotten you employment and AFTER you have been paid. Fair warning.
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    What, no one has any good college stories? lol

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