The peice de resistance at the NUANCE show was Pyramid Theorem. For the most part, it takes time for me to warm to a band at the start of their set. In this case, they had me deeply impressed during the sound check.

The set-up was drums, bass, guitar and guitar / keyboards / vocals.

My first impression was WOW! These guys are the real thing. They blew me away mere seconds into their set, and were even better with each song! Magnificent performances, incredible playing, great songs and a guitarist who can shred with the best of them. For fans of Dream Theater type heavy prog, these guys are the real thing.

This isn't a band that needs to devlop further, they have it right here and now. This is metal prog in all its glory, this is what power prog should sound like. This is a bar brawl on Mt Olympus, this is the flight of heaven's eagles looking for prey in the cities of the damned. One goes to NUANCE shows hoping to have your soul cleansed by the fire of such music.

In the end they did an encore with the aptly named song 'Voyage To The Stars', and they were true to their word. Magnificent! In the end I could only ask the age-old question "What's a great band like you doing in a joint like this?" To the people who promote this band, I can only demand that you get these guys out there to be heard - their music cries out for attention.

Hopefully, the success they so richly deserve will come to them very soon. I hope so, and I can guarantee that wherever they are playing, if there is any way I can be there, I will. Doug.